September 2023 Release Notes

Feature Release
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September 15, 2023
Discovery Team

Q3 2023 Product Updates

We're excited to introduce a feature-packed release bringing overall automation improvements to Discovery and cellular health monitoring for Pioneer monitors.

Table of Contents:

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  1. Updates for All Subscriptions
  2. Pioneer Sensor Updates
  3. Extract Updates
  4. Audit Updates
  5. Revenue Subscription Updates

🌟 Updates for All Subscriptions 🌟

👀 See Team Members working alongside you 👀

When working in Discovery, you can now see co-workers alongside you if they are looking at the same page

When working through your tasks, you can now see when co-workers are working on the same record in Discovery. This allows any number of users to seamlessly work through problems in larger organizations without stepping on one another's toes or doing the same work twice.

🔔 Immediate Alerts and Banner Messages 🔔

The underlying technology that can show teammates working alongside you also lets Discovery send you updates in real time, without refreshing the webpage.

We've rolled out features to update records in real-time as jobs finish, such as invoice extraction, a Rover's status retrieving information from a vendor, and validation messages.

⌛️ Improving Service Edits: Timelines and History⌛️

Maintain a full timeline of activity related to your service levels, allowing for incredibly powerful reporting capabilities.

Keeping an accurate database of service levels can be a monumental task. Subscription waste & recycling services change often, commonly with late notice to you, and its hard to keep things straight for auditing or reporting purposes. A few months ago, one of our users sent the following in a help ticket:

"...I just want a time machine to track these service levels and keep the data accurate."

We have completely overhauled how the system tracks changes over time, and now have incredible opportunities for more accurate reporting.

Let's walk through an example: You just found out that 85 days ago, there was a mid-month change from 2-time-per-week pickup to 3-times-per-week pickups...

With newfound time-traveling capabilities, Discovery takes care of the heavy lifting. In this example, increasing the pickup frequency changes the monthly volumes, and Discovery automatically "replays" the service's events, which in turn updates associated ESG reports, invoice auditing values, and a number of other key areas of the system.

The user can now simply “Edit” their timeline to correct mistakes made to services in the past. These are all event sourced so everything the user does is auditable and re-playable for future reporting enhancements.

🐕 Rover Improvements 🐕

Rovers are more powerful than ever with a Better UX (thanks to Web sockets) for Credential Authentication, Searching Accounts on a Credential, Searching Invoices on an Account, and Fetching Invoices.  

We also added Rover support for the following vendors:

September Rover Release
Vendor Name
All Waste Inc - Connecticut Aspen Waste
Athens Services BurrTec Waste
EDCO Disposal Harter's Fox Valley Disposal
JD Parker & Sons Mark Dunning Industries
Oak Ridge Waste & Recycling Penn Waste Commercial
Texas Pride Disposal Waste Connections of Arizona
Waste Pro - JD Parker & Son Waste Services of the Bluegrass
WM National Account (Oakleaf)

🚛 Vendor Database 🚛

The Discovery database of vendors and service providers spans North America.

When creating a Vendor, you can now search from a growing database of thousands of waste and recycling haulers that span North America, which we are actively updating to provide users unmatched value.

You may now enrich your vendors with information from Discovery's database, and maintain the ability to modify, customize or add additional data in the future. This is particularly useful for vendors with similar base information but with slight differences, as users can more easily create a new vendor.

⚙️ Custom Columns on Tables ⚙️

This update enables users to choose the column headers they wish to view on any Index Page. This feature provides greater flexibility and control, enhancing the user experience and improve productivity. Each user can independently set these fields and adjust them as their needs change throughout your usage of the platform evolves.

🗂️ Workflow Improvements: Archive Invoices 🗂️

Allows users to archive extracted and audited vendor invoices. Archiving is a way to move invoices out of your workflow while retaining that information for reporting.

Previously, users were able to Archive invoices within the Gather step of the process, and we are excited to bring this functionality to more users with this release.

🌟 Pioneer Sensor Updates🌟

The following updates apply to any Pioneer sensors

🚨 Improvements & Device Vitals 🚨

Pioneer's new Device Vitals share real-time and historical connection information.

Introducing Device Vitals - a way to check on the connection strength and quality of your Pioneer Monitor fleet. This allows your team to better observe the connection quality across a variety of deployment scenarios, and is an aid in troubleshooting potential issues.

We have also released a revamped user interface that enhances the user experience.

Fun fact - you can now "Signal" the LED on your Pioneer monitor, which will cause the devices to emit a rainbow sequence of lights. This is extra helpful when working with a customer or installer who has many devices in a small area, and can be useful to reconciling which device is installed on a certain compactor - just tap the "signal" button and confirm it lights up!

🤖 New Machine Learning Models 🤖

These updated machine learning models better analyze data from the compactor and its surrounding environment, enabling more precise predictions of when pickups will be needed. Early feedback on these model updates show an increased level of accuracy and slightly better tonnage predictions across the board.

Extract Subscription Updates

💾 Bulk Process/Reprocess Button for Extracted Invoices. 💾

Allows users to do mass process operations via checkboxes on the Extraction page.

On the Extract page, simply select which records you'd like to re-process using the selection checkboxes, and press "Process" (or "Reprocess" if the documents have already been processed)

Audit Subscription Updates

🤖 Updated Machine Learning Models 🤖

New machine learning models improve the accuracy and efficiency of data extraction and invoice auditing. These models use advanced algorithms to automate tasks and reduce the need for manual input, making the software even more powerful and user-friendly.

Our latest line item processing pipelines are the most accurate yet, achieving high 95%+ accuracy levels from our testing. We're looking forward to *another* update on this soon - this time using more data than we've ever had when it comes to automatically deciphering vendor invoice information. Stay tuned!

Revenue Subscription Updates

📧 Client Invoice Messages 📧

Users can now customize the outbound email message used to deliver invoices to their customers, allowing for custom workflow and branding opportunities to stay on message for your company and customers.

💵 Client Invoice Reminder 💵

Payment reminders allow you to send notification reminders to your customers that have outstanding account balances from delinquent Client Invoices.

📧 Send Emails using your Domain Name 📧

Users now have the ability to send Client invoice emails their own billing email, by completing a quick 4 step Domain verification process. This provides users with a streamline transition from their current billing process, avoiding confusion for their customers.

🦾 Improved Markup for Billable Expenses 🦾

Users can apply client rates or bulk update markup billable expenses.

And that's a wrap! Thank you for taking the time to review these release notes, and we hope you enjoy these updates!

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