Professional Services

Enhance your team’s capabilities while boosting profits & efficiency. Leverage our professionals to maximize the value of your business.

Companies deploying Discovery reduce low-value work by 50% and increase team workload by 30+%, without additional employees.

Non-value-add work
Team Workload

We are Waste Experts

Our team of industry experts has decades of experience building managed service businesses for waste & recycling.

We have the scars from building from scratch, and the lessons from scaling to industry giants with tens-of-thousands of locations under management.

Sustainability & ESG 
Advisory Services

Enhance your Sustainability Offering

Meet ESG requirements without making another full time job for you or a member of your team.

We can help you with
  • Differentiating your ESG Offering
  • Creating Client Benchmarks
  • ESG Reporting Process Implementation

Recycling & Waste Management Programs

Leverage our experts

Our team has deep experience creating waste & recycling programs that are easy for you to implement and help you beat the competition.

We can help you with
  • Structuring Contracts
  • Designing Revenue Models
  • Launching New Products & Services
  • Implementing Technology Solutions
  • Optimizing Staffing Levels

Data Processing

Add Value, Not Overhead

Staffing up is expensive. Maintain margins and focus on value-added work by outsourcing tasks to Discovery.

We can help with
  • Data Analytics and Trend Analysis
  • Organizing your new Client’s data
  • Vendor Invoice Processing
  • Data Normalization
  • Historical Data Retrieval

Internal Operations

Rapidly Gain Expert Knowledge

Leverage our experts, with experience starting from scratch up to managing 30,000+ locations, to identify process gaps that hold you back.

We can help you improve in these areas:
  • Customer Service & Success
  • Managing Vendor Relationships
  • Structuring your Organization

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