Find out if your compactor is compatible with the Pioneer compactor monitor.
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Modern, Real-Time Container Intelligence

Pioneer monitors are user-friendly, non-invasive sensors that provide real-time container insights. Monitors seamlessly integrate into existing equipment and communicate securely using a cellular connection.

Multiple form factors for
any container need


Pioneer Compactor Monitor

  • Measures fullness levels in real-time
  • Predicts next pickup using machine learning
  • Schedules next haul automatically
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Easy to Install
  • 20 minutes or less
  • Compatible with any compactor
  • Brilliantly designed installation maintains compliance with major hauler rental agreements.
  • Small, water-resistant enclosure
  • Offline storage & sync in the event of short-term network interruption
  • Reliable cellular connection that with robust over the air updates
  • Bluetooth support for interfacing with other local devices
  • Supports both AC & DC power input

Savings and Environmental
Impact Reports

Benchmark 1 or 1,000 units for optimal efficiency

Gauge performance of one or one-thousand containers by benchmarking tonnage, pickups, and ESG/Greenhouse Gas Emissions avoided.

Discovery's invoice auditing process confirms hauls & enriches ESG reports with weight data.

Use this data for "actual meter reads" with your annual GRESB, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, or other standards-based report.

Calculate your Savings from Pioneer Compactor Monitors

Our compactor monitors learn your equipment's usage pattern and use real-time data to predict the optimal time to empty your container.

Increase the time your compactor is available on-site, reduce emissions, and reduce costs by leveraging our proprietary compactor monitors for your business.

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Bin Size
 30 yards
Avg. Pickups/Month
Avg. Tons/Pickup
3.5 tons
Per-Pickup Cost
$350  per haul
Net Annual Savings
Reduced Annual Pickups
Reduced GHG
1.3 tn.
Return on Investment
New Average Container Weight in Tons
8 tn.