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About Us

We empower people to make informed operational decisions.

Why we built Discovery

Discovery was built to unlock data lost in invoices, contracts, sensors, and other disparate data sources..

By aggregating this data and applying modern machine-learning practices, Discovery empowers people and business to make the ideal operational decision in real time, informed by real data points.

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Meet the Makers

Our Team

Mark Pruett
Senior Developer
Mark is the resident Single Page App master. It is rumored he has even learned to dual-wield SPA's using proprietary fancy OAuth2.0 glue.
Charlie Dolan
CEO & Founder
Charlie is fueled by Skittles and coffee. He's probably late for something right now.
Kelt Dockins
Senior Developer
"You can't spell Kelt without E-T-L!". A talented developer and software engineer, he can often be found keeping our data neatly organized.
Travis Bennett
Travis will be right back, he's fixing to make himself a cup of coffee...
Matt Pruett
Matt's is the resident Report Master, hard at empowering you to make informed decisions when it comes to your waste & recycling.