Former Waste Brokers, now building a Waste Software Platform

When it comes to managed services and brokerage, our team has been through it all. We’ve started companies, scaled programs for others, and even sold a successful company along the way.

We’re here to make waste manageable for you and your team, allowing you to focus on your goals and grow your business.

Imagined & Constructed 
by DSQ Technology

Discovery was born from the talented team at DSQ Technology, LLC. DSQ is headquartered out of Pittsburgh, PA.

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Our Vision
A world where business leaders can confidently make informed decisions using real time data.
Our Mission
Make waste & recycling 
easy to manage.

Discovery is the only independent software-as-a-service platform for waste & recycling brokers and managers.

We bootstrapped the company and are completely invested in your success. We are in this for the long-haul, building what our customers need and the market demands.

Companies deploying our methods reduce non-value-add work by 50% and increase team workload by 30+%, without adding workforce.

Non-value-add work
Team Workload
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