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Directly integrated with thousands of waste haulers, including

Our ⚙️ G.E.A.R. platform makes waste management easy

Discovery brings time-savingautomation to the most important areas of your workflow

🤖 Gathering Invoices

Automatic PDF retrieval that eliminates backlogs & delays from manual pdf downloads & physical mail

🧩 Extracting Line Items

Complete invoice line item data organized into a standard format

🔎 Auditing Charges

Ensure 100% contract compliance for complex rate scenarios, including roll off and compactors

💰 Creating Revenue

Turn costs into profits with a few taps, and stay organized as AP & AR flow into your accounting system

Our Rovers fetch your data from vendor portals automatically.

Our Gathering "Rovers" will check your vendor portals regularly, or you can send them out on-demand for instant retrieval.

Invoices are downloaded and processed without any interaction from your team, freeing up valuable time from a mundane task.
⏱️ 0:10s
Average elapsed time for our Rovers to explore and retrieve information
Our Rovers cover 95% of the North American market.
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Better-than-OCR PDF Extraction

We've trained the world's leading system how to get line item data out of your waste and recycling invoices.

Discovery provides the best-in-the-industry data normalization for any waste and recycling document.
🧩 52
Data points extracted from invoices
Of documents require no human review
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Ensure complete contract compliance

Waste charges are complex - you contract rates in advance, but your invoice may have unforseen charges that are valid, such as overage or contamination.

Discovery properly audits and adjusts every line item on an invoice to the contracted rates.
🔎 100%
of charges are audited vs the contract
of invoices are out of contract compliance and Discovery averages 5% savings/document
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Effortless Revenue from any source

Discovery coordinates your accounts-receivable processes with your accounts payable process.

Complex lines like Rolloffs, Overage, Contamination are converted from Vendor Invoice Lines to Client Lines with one press of a button.
💰 8
Send your invoices 8 days faster on average, with every line item drawn in appropriately from your AP process
Zero double data entry to your accounting system via supported integrations
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Additional Features

Leverage additional innovations for maximum impact

These tools pair well with the core G.E.A.R. offerings and help you do more for your customers.

Hosted Client Portal

Grant your clients access to a beautiful reporting and support portal, branded for your business. Zero additional setup necessary.

Custom Reporting

Measure what matters with Discovery's easy-to-use reports. You can easily filter, export, and make custom reports on data.

Comprehensive CRM

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.


Our industry leading API allows for deep integrations with other systems.
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Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is there a free trial available?
We believe you should have confidence in the platform before being required to pay or make a commitment. At this time we do not offer self-signup trials, but would be happy to demonstrate the system.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change, but Discovery is only offered with an annual commitment. Discovery is a usage based software and you can limit some charges through reduced use of the software.
What kind of support does Discovery provide for its products?
We offer fast email support to paid accounts and prioritized help for our highest tier customers. Discovery also includes a help widget with full access to our product documentation, complete with contextual suggestions based upon the page you are currently viewing.
How does billing work?
You are charged monthly based upon your subscription plan. Plans are per tenant (usually one per legal entity signing up for Discovery). You can add additional tenants if required, but we encourage the use of a single tenant so your data is consolidated for the best experience.
How many invoices can Discovery handle?
Discovery has been stress tested to accurately process millions of documents per month.
How does Discovery count Invoices Processed?
We calculate one invoice as a single PDF file that is two pages in length, and less than 10 MB in file-size. Processing files outside this criteria may result in additional charges.
How do I get vendor invoices into Discovery?
We support numerous options on all tiers:
   - Discovery proactively retrieves your invoices from vendor portals.
   - Dedicated email address to forward invoices to as attachments.
   - Upload files directly inside the Discovery application.
   - Please contact us if you require a legacy integrations (sFTP, etc).
Can I use my own invoice data extraction system?
Yes, you may take documents retrieved by Discovery on our Gather tier and process them in your own software. If you subscribe to Extract or a higher tier, your documents will be extracted as part of the standard workflow using our leading form and table extraction technology.
Does Discovery have an API?
Discovery has a REST-ful API based upon the JSON API spec. Learn more by reading the documentation. Existing tenants have done amazing things with the API, including integrating Discovery's data into their back-of-house systems, automating data exchange to other systems, and other custom quality of life improvements.
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