Waste Reporting that isn’t Garbage

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Collection Methods

If knowing is half the battle, Discovery helps you win the war.

Brokers and managers running on other platforms wait for data to come to them.

Discovery is proactively working for you, even when you're asleep!

Real-time measurements from containers across your fleet.
Hauler Websites
Discovery "Rovers" gather information on your behalf when published
Line item details are used for invoice and reporting purposes
Critical deal points and rate structures are benchmarked
Weight Tickets
Know when it happened; how much volume & weight and where it went.

& Sustainability

Requirements need to be met. You need to capture data, monitor improvements, & disclose your impact, accurately.

  • The more accurate you are today, the less risk you face later.
  • Discovery uses industry standard reporting mechanisms from the EPA and WARM Equivalencies
  • Discovery’s data is useful for complying with Universal Standards and the GRI Material Topics 3 for disclosure criteria

Vendor & Contract Performance

Is Barone Sanitation & Cartage reliable? Or are they inexpensive for a reason?  With our vendor scoring, you can measure the following when choosing your vendor(s):

  • Vendor’s compliance with agreements
  • AI & ML cost-to-contract matching for 100% of charges
  • Service performance

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