October 2021 Release Notes: Announcing Multi-Tenant Support, Offline Pioneer Monitor Storage, and Quality-of-Life Improvements

Feature Release
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October 31, 2021
Discovery Team

New Discovery Features - October 2021

This month we're excited to announce very powerful and highly requested features for businesses powered by Discovery:

  • Support for Multiple Tenants under one login with fast tenant switching.
  • Offline Storage for Pioneer Compactor Monitors (available immediately via over-the-air-update for 2020 LTE units or newer)

We've also released some quality of life improvements and improved user management & security updates in this release. Check out the details below!

Multi-Account Support

Discovery now allows a user to belong to multiple tenants via a single email address. Users can also easily switch between tenants using a quick-access drop down menu from the navigation bar.

How can this benefit your business? In the last year has brought a lot of change in the waste management space, and that has swept over Discovery's clients as well!

Of the active clients we had as of January 2020, over 50% have acquired another business in a similar segment. However, managing multiple logins to different Tenants within Discovery can be frustrating. this provides a much simpler way to get your regular tasks done across your business segments.

Quickly switch between your business units with the new Tenant Switching feature.

Offline Pioneer Compactor Storage

We've deployed an over-the-air update to LTE Pioneer Monitors to support local offline storage.

Our Pioneer Monitors were already the best on the market, and now for devices deployed in situations where cellular signal may be less than optimal, our Pioneer Monitors now store run-time data locally in the event of a network interruption. The data is immediately sent to Discovery for processing as soon as a network connection resumes.

This update has been installed over-the-air with no need for hardware swapping or installation for all LTE units deployed since June 2020.

Improved User Onboarding

We've revamped user invitations for easier onboarding of your fellow teammates and improved security. Tenant Administrators can now head over the Employees tab and issue new invitations using your co-worker's email address, which will initiate the signup process.

Improved Security with Session Management

Under the your Profile is a new tab for Sessions, allowing you to view the currently active login sessions for your account. You may also revoke your active sessions at any time.

Quality of Life Improvements

Added the ability for users to export any table results into a CSV File. This works for most/all data in Discovery.

Have you ever filtered down to a list of items in Discovery and wanted to quickly export that data to a CSV? Well now you can! Any table in Discovery now supports exporting that data. These exports are queued and will be available in a new "Exports" section of your Profile tab.

Added the ability to bulk upload Billing Group Fees.
Billing Group Fees may now be bulk uploaded via a CSV file. This feature behaves like other bulk upload features, like Vendor Bids.

Added the ability to change a location's Billing Group.
Discovery now allows users to select the billing group that a location is tied to when editing a location. Head on over to any location's edit page to switch its Billing Group.

Added the ability to filter incidents to see only those which are Unassigned.
Discovery now allows incidents to be assigned a status of 'unassigned and may now be filtered using this new status.

Added support for Canadian addresses to the Address Picker.

Welcome to our friends up north! Universal address support will be coming in a future update, thank you to the clients and prospects who have expressed interest outside the United States!

Bug Fixes

  • Vendor Contracts may no longer be deleted if there are pending service revision.
  • Fixed a bug where object history states were using the user's timezone instead of UTC.
  • Fixed a bug where an address could not be manually overridden when using the address picker.
  • Fixed a small regression bug that was preventing Tenant meta_fields from saving when tenant settings are updated in Discovery.
  • Fixed a small bug that was preventing updates to a client company if account rep was set to "Unsure".

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