March 2023 Release Notes - Rover Edition

Feature Release
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March 27, 2023
Discovery Team

Q1 2023 Product Update: Rover Edition

What you need to know:

1 - The addition of our Rover (he's above in the photo) adds a new layer of powerful automation to Discovery.

2 - The upgraded integration for Quickbooks Desktop makes formerly complex manual work, easy.

3 - We delivered a bunch of other user-requested updates to help make your daily work load less of a burden.

Read on to learn more.

🌟 Updates for All Subscriptions 🌟

The following updates apply to all G.E.A.R. subscription tiers

🐕 Gather: Introducing Rover - Your Automated Assistant 🐕

Never wait for an invoice. Never log-in to a vendor web page. Never download and rename invoices. Ever.

Meet your new best friend: Rover. This automated assistant is here to revolutionize the way you gather vendor invoices.

With Rover at your side, you'll enjoy:

  • A sleek, new interface for managing vendor web page credentials, subscribed vendor accounts, and vendor invoices.
  • Real-time credential validation for added security.
  • On-demand invoice retrieval for ultimate control and speed.
  • No shedding or slobbering, and no vet visits! 

Our beta users are raving:

"Kudos to you and your team for listening to my needs and wants and for being able to make them happen!"

- A very satisfied Billing Coordinator.

Credentials are verified immediately

With Gather, you will instantly know that Rover is able to access & download your vendor invoices. Immediate credential verification cuts down on slow feedback loops for your team and speeds invoice collection.

Rover identifies your Accounts with the vendor and you can "Subscribe" those accounts to automatically receive invoices as they become available in the vendors portal.

Rover goes out to "Find" invoices on Subscribed accounts, and immediately provide your team with important context about the invoices. Future invoices are gathered automatically and begin the G.E.A.R process.

Retrieving Historical Invoices is a breeze

Not only is it easy to add new credentials, but when your team closes new business and you need to gather historical documents, you can select any number of "Found" invoices and fetch those from the Vendor. This makes getting the exact documents you need to do your job take less time and more accurate than downloading files manually, renaming them, dragging them to the right folder...never again!

Found invoices can be easily "Fetched" at any time - even in bulk!
This helps users strike a balance between sifting through old account information & preparing for future document gathering.

Improved Custom Report Generation

New supercharged custom reports unlock the power to:

  • Create reports using properties from entities up to three relationships away (previously only two).
  • Include properties from many-to-many relationships.
  • Search for entity and property selectors for faster, more accurate data selection.
  • Eliminate blank columns caused by similar property names.

This update empowers you to make a more complex report, more easily. Previously this complexity may have taken 2 or more reports to accomplish. If you know, you know!

We can't wait to see the amazing reports you'll create and how you'll challenge this new level of reporting. Bring it on!

Redesigned Interface to better support G.E.A.R. Subscriptions

We have redesigned some parts of the interface of Discovery to better support our Plan structure - G.E.A.R.

Biggest improvement?  The vendor invoice processing.

This is based directly upon client feedback and usability testing, so please keep this type of input coming - our team greatly appreciates being able to deliver what you need to make your job easier and faster.

Navigation between G.E.A.R. document areas is now simpler and more accessible

📚 Archive Documents: Clean Up and Stay Organized 📚

You can now "Archive" old invoices to keep your workspace clutter-free and maintain a clear workflow. You may notice a new Checkbox on tables that are eligible for this new Archive process.

Select a single record or the checkbox in the header to select all records visible in the table.

Keep your workplace clean and achieve "Zero Inbox" with our new Archive feature

💾 Bulk Download Invoice PDFs: Export Made Easy 💾

Discovery can deliver a high volume of vendor invoice documents automatically, and with our newly deployed "Rover", this introduced new needs.

Users need to download dozens or hundreds of Gathered documents, easily. Previously, the only bulk download option was to retrieve documents over our API. But that isn't for everyone.

Today we're happy to announce that users can download invoice PDFs in bulk by selecting the new "Export" feature for Gathered Invoices.

This tool is both convenient and powerful. The system can handle extremely large document loads and file sizes with modern streaming techniques, placing up to thousands of documents in into a securely compressed .zip file directly on your computer.

🛠️ Miscellaneous: User-Requested Improvements 🛠️

  1. PDFs now download in a separate tab by default. Let your < Back button be spared!
  2. API Settings moved to User Settings, allowing non-Administrators to manage their own API credentials.
  3. Improved site search for better, more relevant results.
  4. We also fixed a lot of bugs and push those out as they are resolved :)

Extract Subscription Updates

The following updates apply to all subscriber tiers on "Extract" or higher

✍️ Extract: A Smoother Document Editing Experience ✍️

We've improved the design of our extraction workspace based directly upon user feedback. Enjoy performance boosts and increased efficiency thanks to Rover being seamlessly integrated into Gather.

Performance Updates

We've created various performance increases and direct integration with our new Gather "🐕 Rover" to increase throughput. You may notice the app is a bit faster than before.

Audit Subscription Updates

The following updates apply to all subscriber tiers on "Audit" or higher

🔍 Machine Learning and Quickbooks Desktop Integration 🔍

We've updated the machine learning models that automate much of the vendor invoice process. Users should notice an improvement on how accurate the system is when classifying line items and matching those to accounts and services.

Plus, we've added support for Quickbooks Desktop, making data sharing between Discovery and Quickbooks a breeze.

📈 Client Portal Support 📈

Audit subscribers, get ready to impress your clients with our brand-new integrated Client Portal! Showcase the true value of your services effortlessly and professionally.

With the Client Portal, you can:

  1. Provide clients with secure, personalized access to their vendor invoice data.
  2. Share key performance metrics, reports, and insights with clients in real-time.
  3. Strengthen client relationships by demonstrating your expertise and commitment to their success.

Empower your clients and elevate your business with Discovery's state-of-the-art Client Portal.

Revenue Subscription Updates

The following updates apply to all subscriber tiers on "Revenue"

💰 Additional Bulk Import Capabilities: Simplify Client and Location Fees 💰

We understand that managing client and location fees can be a time-consuming and tedious task. That's why we have added a new feature that allows you to bulk import client and location fees. You can now upload a CSV file with all your fees and import them into Discovery with just a few clicks.

And thats a wrap! Thank you for taking the time to review these release notes, and we hope you enjoy these updates!

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