March 2022 Release Notes: Custom Report Builder, Updated Document Extraction Process, and more!

Feature Release
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March 24, 2022
Discovery Team

New Discovery Features - March 2022

This quarter we're excited to announce powerful new features that give you better control of your information and workflows. Recently we've launched the following major features:

  • A new Custom Report Builder to access the data critical to your business.
  • A new Vendor Invoice Extraction workflow build directly into Discovery for real-time use.
  • Two-Factor Authentication support and other security updates.

We've also released some quality of life improvements and improved user management & security updates in this release. Check out the details below!

Custom Report Builder

The new custom report builder allows users to create their own custom data exports by selecting datapoints, joining tables together, and applying filters or groups of filters. Custom reports are shared among your team members as well!

There is a constant need to accurately and quickly generate datasets to solve problems. Discovery now empowers you and your team to generate and recall Custom Reports that will help you exceed your client's expectations.

A Custom Report starts by selecting a Main Entity, select columns/datapoints from that entity or any related entity branching off of that Main Entity.

For example you can start with a Service level and draw in Location or Invoice data to issue a customized account statement. This is a very powerful feature and one we know a lot of users have been looking forward to for some time. We're excited to get this into your hands and we'll continue iterating on this to bring even more value.

Custom Reports compliment existing out-of-the-box Standard Reports, and are available to all team members within your tenant
Columns from a Main Entity or any related Entity be added, renamed, and re-ordered using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The filtering system support powerful nested groups to help you precisely generate the report you need.

New Vendor Invoice Extraction Workflow

Real-time and automated extraction workflow enables users to directly process invoices faster than ever before. This is a huge productivity increase that gives direct feedback on the status of each document. We've also added new dedicated email boxes that will immediately process invoices sent to it as email attachments.

For so many of our customers, automated vendor invoice data extraction is a core data pipeline for their business. The process for getting line-item data out of your invoices used to be done behind-the scenes, which created a disjointed process. We've now been able to directly expose the real-time processing of each document within Discovery's new "Extraction" tab. Your team can now upload documents directly to the site (hundreds or thousands at a time), and immediately see the documents begin their automated extractions and be ready for auditing in seconds.

We've also added the ability to process attachments sent directly to a special email address for your tenant. If you receive invoices from your vendors as attachments, forward these over to your specific email address today and they will be immediately processed in Discovery.

Finally, we're working on exposing more of the automated vendor-portal invoice retrieval functionality into Discovery. Stay tuned for further updates this year!

View Vendor Invoices in real-time within Discovery, and make adjustments if auto validations fail.

Our industry leading validation and auditing has also gotten an upgrade. For documents that require more attention, you will see helpful alerts throughout the process that let you know a document may be for an unknown business, or fundamentally the vendor invoice charges do not appear to add up properly.

Discovery performs dozens of auto validations on your documents to help your team make the most use of their time. In this example, a Vendor Invoice is for an unknown account that requires user attention before proceeding.

Two-Factor Authentication Support

Users can now enroll in two-factor authentication to further protect their account. We've hardened the system in other ways as well, including requiring a user's current password before allowing them to change their login email address.

Maintaining a secure environment is critical in today's environment. We're happy to announce that all Discovery users, regardless of subscription plan, can elect for industry-leading two-factor authentication to best secure their user login.

To enable two-factor authentication, head to My Account -> Security and begin the two-factor authentication enrollment by clicking the "Enable 2FA" button. To leverage this feature, you will need a supported two-factor authentication application.

Suggested 2FA Applications:

Branding Controls for your Tenant

Discovery Tenants are now able to control the logo, brand mark, and add a primary brand color. These cascade through to external facing resources, like the Client Reporting Portal, Work-Order Scheduling Flow, and your Client Invoices.

Discovery's centralized features offers so much for your business, including documents, emails, and webpages that are client-facing. This includes Client Invoices, the integrated Client Reporting Portal, and outbound Email notifications or workflows.

We're very pleased to announce that you may now control your Brand Mark, Brand Logo, and Primary Brand Color directly within Discovery. This content will be immediately updated in the proper places across your tenant, presenting a familiar branded experience to your end-users.

Quality of Life Improvements

Added API endpoints for the OCR Vendor Invoice entity.

For customers using our Extract subscription tier or higher, the full data payload of an Extracted Vendor Invoice is now available over new API endpoints. This allows for powerful integrations with external systems.

Bulk Uploads for Vendor Accounts and Client Contacts

Helping you get data into Discovery in the easiest way possible is a big priority for us - now you are able to bulk upload more data, including your Vendor Accounts and Client Contacts.

Redesigned Vendor Invoice Details screen

We've made dramatic improvements to the Vendor Invoice screen. Now line items are cleanly organized by their Type, the Service they are attached to, and the other automatic classifications Discovery performs. Users are more easily able to switch between the raw Extraction (OCR) view and the Vendor Invoice view, and see in-line what the audited savings are for any specific charge.

New Notification - When a team member assigns an Incident to you

We've added a new notification for our CRM power users - if a team member assigns an incident to you, you'll immediately receive an email or web alert that you've got something headed your way. This should reduce the chance of dropping a handoff between team members.

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