July 2021 Release Notes: Improved Compactor Model Predictions, New Procurement Tools, New Reports, and More!

Feature Release
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August 2, 2021
Discovery Team

New Features Added to Discovery for July 2021

Welcome to Discovery’s release notes! This month we’ve got an amazing improvement to our Compactor Monitor Prediction accuracy, along with exciting bulk upload & update tools for Procurement users, and new Reports for Audited Vendor Invoices.

Improved Compactor Monitor Predictions

We’ve been working on this one for awhile, and we’re very happy to announce that we’ve recently released a new and improved prediction system for our compactor monitoring system, Pioneer!

Pioneer's system is incredibly powerful and can predict, days in advance, the optimal pickup date for your entire fleet of self contained and breakaway hydraulic or auger compactors. The system draws upon the latest machine learning available and each monitor is paired with the unique data profile of each individual compactor.

Check out the screenshot here of an example unit. Details:

  • Blue lines are actual readings from the device indicating how full the container is/was.
  • Green lines are a simulation of how the container is predicted to fill up over time, until the container reaches the desired fullness. This accounts for current fill rates and past data, including weekends and holidays.

Our real-time predictive method of measuring compactor fullness ensures optimal pickups and is the most accurate method on the market.

New Reports: Audited Vendor Invoices Summary / Details

Invoice audit power users will be excited to know that we have updated the Reporting Section with new “Audited Vendor Invoice Summary” and “Audited Vendor Invoices Detail” reports.

These two reports provide the line item support for the most complex reporting requirements your customers may have, explaining exactly which charges were handled outside the contracted rates, charge classification, and approved amount to pay.

New Tool - Bulk Create, Update, Export for Vendor Bids

Bulk data management features can make your power users (and your business) that much more effective - and today we’re happy to announce that we launched a highly requested feature within our Procurement module - Bulk Create, Update, and Export features for Vendor Bids!

Now, users can insert thousands of new bids, or update existing bids with new information, such as the award status of a bid or batch of bids.

Existing users - head on over to our Vendor Bids page to check it out!

… and stay tuned, we have new features in the pipeline to further accelerate your procurement over the next few months!

Mass Create, Update, and Export Vendor Bids

UI Improvement - Simplified Vendor Invoice Navigation Tabs

Automation creates opportunities for simplification - this time we've simplified the Vendor Invoice navigation further by grouping some statuses (Low Priority and High Priority) into a unified status, "In Progress".

These statuses have been updated to "In Progress" across the system, and you should expect to see these values on the API as well!

Vendor Invoice Navigation has been simplified with the removal of uneccesary Statuses.

Bug Fixes/Minor Changes

  • Fixed a bug in the global search bar that was causing search results to behave erratically when clicked Upon.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the Vendor on OCR Line Item wasn't automatically updating the Vendor linked to a Vendor Invoice.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not create a Ticket/Incident for certain Locations.
  • Fixed a bug where Doorstep Services could not be added to Contract Amendments.
  • Deprecated the 'Vendor Invoices - Show" page in favor of the more powerful and context-aware "Edit" page.

Thats all for this month. If you're curious to learn more, Contact Us.

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