Predictive Compactor Intelligence

Pioneer Compactor Monitors retrofit to any compactor and intelligently predict when the container will next need emptied using machine learning

Electronic monitoring
that continuously improves

Pioneer Compactor Monitor

  • Measures fullness levels in real-time
  • Predicts next pickup using machine learning
  • Schedules next haul automatically
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Easy to Install
  • 20 minutes or less
  • Compatible with any compactor
  • Brilliantly designed installation maintains compliance with major hauler rental agreements.
  • Small, water-resistant enclosure
  • Offline storage & sync in the event of short-term network interruption
  • Reliable cellular connection that with robust over the air updates
  • Bluetooth support for interfacing with other local devices
  • Supports both AC & DC power input

Container Intelligence

Savings and Environmental
Impact Reports

Benchmark 1 or 1,000 units for optimal efficiency

Gauge performance of one or one-thousand containers by benchmarking tonnage, pickups, and ESG/Greenhouse Gas Emissions avoided.

Discovery's invoice auditing process confirms hauls & enriches ESG reports with weight data.

Use this data for "actual meter reads" with your annual GRESB, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, or other standards-based report.

Calculate your Savings from Pioneer Compactor Monitors

Our compactor monitors learn your equipment's usage pattern and use real-time data to predict the optimal time to empty your container.

Increase the time your compactor is available on-site, reduce emissions, and reduce costs by leveraging our proprietary compactor monitors for your business.

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Bin Size
 30 yards
Avg. Pickups/Month
Avg. Tons/Pickup
3.5 tons
Per-Pickup Cost
$350  per haul
Net Annual Savings
Reduced Annual Pickups
Reduced GHG
1.3 tn.
Return on Investment
New Average Container Weight in Tons
8 tn.

Power your Compactors with Pioneer

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