Predictive Compactor Hauling

Our algorithms learn from your compactor and intelligently schedule hauls to maximize tonnage.

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Modern & Real-Time Container Intelligence

Simple to install, non-invasive electronic compactor monitoring that saves you money after just 1 week.
The devices retro-fit onto your existing equipment and communicate using a secure cellular connection.

Learns from your Compactor

Each monitor learns from the compactor it is installed upon. Over time, the system understands when equipment is in use, and uses this information to make optimal decisions.

Predicts next Pickup Date

By knowing your exact usage patterns, the system uses machine learning to constantly simulate how the container will fill up, and predicts the next best date & time for your hauling partner to empty the container.

Automates Scheduling

Discovery's workflows send pickup requests to any number of people, and enable your hauling partner to securely confirm dates.

Proactively Identifies Issues

Our machine learning is trained on over 2,500,000 compactor cycles.

This wealth of knowledge allows us to detect irregularities with your equipment ahead of time, saving you from costly downtime and maintenance repairs.

Notifications for Everyone

Our workflows automatically alert the waste generator and hauler, not to mention the managing broker, ESG reporting partner, cleaning crew, property manager... or whomever else needs to be kept in-the loop! There are no limits on how many people may receive notifications.

The system workflow optionally requires dual confirmation before a haul is scheduled, allowing on-site contacts to confirm there are no known issues that may restrict access to the container, and confirm the hauler has availability to schedule.

Savings & Environmental
Impact Reports

Easily gauge the performance of one or one-thousand monitors within your fleet by benchmarking tonnage, pickups, and ESG/Greenhouse Gas Emissions avoided.

Discovery's unparalleled ability to extract and audit data from invoices allows the system to automatically confirm hauls & create ESG reports by reading your waste hauler invoices or weight tickets.

Use this data for "actual meter reads" with your annual GRESB, ENERGYSTAR Portfolio Manager, or other standards based report.

Geo-Locate Container & Disposal Destination

Track your materials to the exact disposal or recycling site using our integrated GPS asset tracking.

This additional piece of hardware remains fixed to your self-contained compactor as your hauling partner transports your materials.

Gain 100% visibility into the final resting place of your waste (or beginning of a new life for your recyclables!)

Calculate Savings - Reduce Pickups 50% by going "On-Call"

Our compactor monitors learn your equipment's usage pattern and use real-time data to predict the optimal time to empty your container.

Increase the time your compactor is available on-site, reduce emissions, and reduce costs by leveraging our proprietary compactor monitors for your business.

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Bin Size
Avg. Pickups/Month
Avg. Tons/Pickup
Per-Pickup Cost
Net Annual Savings
Reduced Annual Pickups
Reduced GHG
1.3 tn.
Return on Investment
Property Value add @ 6% cap rate:
New Average Container Weight in Tons
8 tn.
Calculations based on compacting trash/MSW, GHG = Greenhouse gas in short tons.

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